May 22, 2009

Virtual Girl's Night Out - Memorial Day Edition

It's Friday and it's Time to Party!! I didn't get to party the last two weeks, I sure missed it! The lovely Ann from 'Ann Again and Again' is the hostess with the mostest with her weekly Virtual Girls Night Out - Come join the fun (boys are welcome, too)! There's great music and drinks, fun party games, and even a Mr. Linky to add your blog for VGNO visits! Ann knows how to throw a great party! :)

How about some music? Since I posted about the American Idol Finale yesterday, I would be remiss if I didn't choose a video from the winner Kris Allen's performance on American Idol - I purchased this from iTunes just for tonight's VGNO party:


The drink of the night is Carolina Iced Tea - Ann has the recipe posted and I've made one special just for you:

What's Memorial Day Weekend without some excellent food?

This year I'll be making BBQ Ribs:
Interested in some Steak & Mushroom Kebabs with Wasabi Ginger Dressing?
Or how about some Teriyaki Chicken:
Can't forget the Corn on the Cob:
Oh, and of course we need a about a Tomato & Basil Pasta Salad:
And for dessert, something Patriotic - Red & White and Blueberry Shortcakes:

Time To Share!

Ann was checking in with friends about their weekend plans and discovered that they seemed to be the only family staying in town for the 3-Day weekend. She's asked us what our plans for Memorial Day weekend are...

We're staying in town, too. Mother Nature hasn't quite decided what kind of weather she's going to give us for the whole weekend, there are some threats of thunderstorms starting tomorrow, so we'll be scrambling around getting the yard work done in the morning just in case...besides, that way we can relax and enjoy the rest of the long weekend even if it does end up raining at some point! If the mail carrier hadn't destroyed the plants I had on order, I'd be planting those this weekend - I suppose a trip to the garden center will be in order if I want to plant something this weekend... :)

I'll be making barbecued ribs in the crockpot on Monday - I'd do something on the grill, but the fancy schmancy grill I bought hubby years ago for his birthday he left at one of his previous rental places, and I haven't given in to the urge to buy a new one yet...since it's supposed to be in the mid-to-upper 80's this weekend, the crockpot will be my special friend... ;)

And Look! Tonight Ann's having a Giveaway!

Directly from Ann's Blog:

Kernel Seasons is sponsoring the giveaway this week! For those that love popcorn this is a great package. One lucky winner will receive:

- One bag of stovetop popping corn

- Three bags of microwave popcorn

- Popcorn spritzer - Butter Flavor (*No Trans Fats. A blend of soybean, sunflower, canola oils)

- Six different seasoning flavors.

To win the Kernel Season's Popcorn Package here's what you do...

Go over to Ann's and find out what you need to do to enter - you don't even have to jump through major hoops!

Hop on over to Ann's to join the Virtual GNO and check out all the other cool bloggers participating in this very special event. Anyone can join in the fun... Sign Mr. Linky and visit those that sign-in! Go blog-hopping! And most importantly, Have Fun! Well? What are you waiting for? :)


34 Random Sassy Comments:

Anne said...

Your food looks awesome! I am waiting for the recipes. I will have to check out the Carolina Iced Tea recipe. It looks tasty and I could certainly use a drink right about now. Have a great weekend!

robin said...

I am a vegetarian so the corn and the pasta salad look YUMMY! And of course the dessert. I am craving shortcake now!
Have a great long weekend!
Happy GNO!

Casey said...

OMG, my stomach is eating itself right now (waiting on the pizza guy to get here) and your pictures didn't help. We're staying in town this weekend too but we just decided to throw a nice BBQ on Monday and have some friends over. Yay!

JAN'S PLACE said...

I am hungry and ready for a picnic now, after looking at the spread you have put together for us!!

Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the warm weather!


PS..Happy VGNO!

kimert said...

I think I just gained back my lost 12 lbs!!! That food looks so yummy... Have a great weekend!

Gena said...

Darn it! You always make me so hungry!

Happy VGNO!

I am Harriet said...

YEAH! You made it.
I'm sending you an email.

Happy VGNO!

otin said...

The food looks great! I am about to post a virtual guys night out LOL!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Your killing me with all that delicious food. I'm on water and carrots and celery tonight!

Enjoy your holiday weekend. Happy VGNO!

Mandala Michelle said...

What a yummy post! Have a great weekend and happy VGNO.

Amy said...

Great picture you have up. want to come over to your house and eat. Happy VGNO.

Anissa said...

Love the ribs. TFS -- it all looks wonderful.

Liz said...

Have fun planting and cooking those ribs. HAPPY VGNO

Yaya said...

That bbq looks great!
Hope you have a nice weekend! Happy VGNO!

Erica said...

You might just have to pass along your tomato and basil pasta recipes it sounds to good. Happy VGNO

sistersledgekws said...

Your blog pictures make me hungry!

Kristen Andrews said...

yum, the corn on the cob looks really tasty!

Martha (FL) said...

Glad to see you this week! Loving the food, and I will be over to indulge in those crockpot ribs. That sounds good. I promised Tara steamed clams and shrimp this weekend, don't know if I will be able to hold her off until Monday!

I will be spending the weekend packing. We hope to get 99% done between now and next Friday, so we can rest and relax during the weekend of the big moving day on June 2nd!

Sue said...

That food looks great! Happy VGNO & Memorial Day!

Justine said...

That performance of Kris's must have been from Tuesday night, right? I just realized I never even watched the show! But wow, what an amazing rendition of the song. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

Justine :o )

Rosie said...

the food looks sooo delicious! especially the ribs...they practically jumped off the screen and right onto my thighs!...must...stay...strong!

Banteringblonde said...

your VGNO is always so good! I didn't get my act together tonight!

Lola said...

What time should we all be at your place for the eats? :D

Stopping by for VGNO. Have a great weekend.!

Anissa said...

Wanted to let you know I have a new button! I deleted all the old ones off of photobucket.

kyooty said...

Sorry I missed this lastnight I started reading but it was 230am nad decided sleep was a good idea.
Those ribs look so yummy!!!

Dee said...

Would you like some more company?! LOL it all look so good I thought, what the hell...forget the cooking here just go to Stacies!!

If I wasn't so broke, I'll have a delightful BBQ I'll just drool over your photos and let my wild imagination tastes all that yummy food!

Ok...I just gained 5lbs thinking of it.

Safe hugz,
A Mom's Journey

Tamis said...

your menu looks perfect-maybe you will be spared the thunderstorms and can enjoy a BBQ yourself!

Happy VGNO!

carma said...

Ok, now that pasta salad is calling my name!

Debbie said...

I'm just a day late! I'll attribute that to too many of those teas!
Have a good time Monday!

Hit 40 said...

I hope your plants arrived! I love to dig in the dirt.

Your grandparent pictures are beautiful!! Wonderful to get together with family and capture the moment with a camera.

We grilled up a couple steaks tonight with some premade sides from whole foods. Yummy!

Anissa said...

Stopping by to say hi! Haven't seen you around. Hope everything is ok.

Just_Aimee said...

Vegetarian here but would love some of that corn! Stopping by for a late VGNO...I didn't get to get around on Friday. Your post has inspired me to plan a bbque tomorrow.

Hope your weekend was great!

Kat said...

Now THAT"S a meal my friend!! I gained weight just reading it ;)

talia said...

I'm glad that Kris Allen won on American Idol. I really like Adam Lambert too but in terms of being able to sit down and listen to an album all the way through, I think Kris is more for me :)