June 29, 2009

Crawfish Boil - Louisiana Style

Ingredients prepped - Lemons, Sausage, Garlic, Onions and Potatoes:
Cleaning/rinsing out the pot:
One of the crawfish tried to escape:
Hosing down the crawfish to keep them happy and to rinse them off:
Adding the crawfish boil spices:
Now for the sausage, lemons, onions, potatoes, garlic and corn on the cob:
Keeping an eye on the crawfish while the other ingredients come to a boil:
A few did try to escape, but didn't get past the gatekeeper (Rob):
Christy's cousin Jason showed up just in time to help add the crawfish to the pot:
Stir everything up:
And now they're done...Rob and Christy are getting ready to bring them over to the table under the gazebo:
Here comes the food:
Time to dig in and eat!
Depending on the availability, we'll probably do another crawfish boil on the 4th of July - but Rob and Christy wanted to make sure we were able to experience the yumminess while we are here, just in case...delicious! :)

The broadband internet is really a connection through a cell phone link - so in other words, I have little or no connection. It's taken me all day just to get these pictures uploaded to Blogger, but I did successfully get a Random Tuesday Thoughts post done and ready for upload later tonight, so there will be activity on my blog - I just will be hit-and-miss visiting my favorites and commenting...I promise I'll be doing a lot of catch up next week when we're back home and have real internet connection... ;)

Meanwhile, we're having a blast, and while I'm not getting @replies to my random tweets, I am sending updates periodically to Twitter from my cell phone...and when I can get online, I'm checking and replying to replies so you don't think I'm ignoring you... ;) In case you want to follow the fun, you can follow me on Twitter: @SassyDesigns

Now it's time to upload this post and shut things down - there's a storm brewing in the distance and it probably wouldn't be a good idea to have my laptop sitting outside when it hits... ;)

16 Random Sassy Comments:

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

It looks so yummy! I'd love to have a crawfish boil at home. :-) Delish!

Justine said...

And how many of you were eating all those crawfish? Yum, that looks so good and FUN to eat. I love that in LA it's acceptable to just dump your food on a cardboard box! LOL!

Justine :o )

~~tonya~~ said...

Hey!! You are down in my neck of the woods. Welcome to Louisiana! It's hot huh?

Crawfish looks so good!

Hit 40 said...

Wow!! Fabulous dinner. Very fun.

I bet you have a headache from trying to upload the photos!! Take it easy. Maybe, just repost a couple of past favorites.

otin said...

I just had something similar, except they used shrimp instead of crawfish, but it was excellent!

Brittany said...

HECK YEAH!!!! Makes me miss the south and our crawfish boils durin' the summer / holidays!!!! Love, love, love this post!!!!

Jenn@ The Crazies said...

something I have never tried but would love to someday! Great pics!

Jennifer said...

BTW, I'm on my way now for your next Crawfish Boil... :-)

Just Breathe said...

Looks awesome. I've never eaten a crawfish but I always see people filling their plates with them at buffets in Las Vegas. So what do they taste like and is there much meat on them?

rmgales said...

I would love to try this recipe. I'm not sure about the crawfish, may use shrimp.

Can you post the recipe when you return please.

Casey said...

Eww on the crawfish, sorry. ;) I'm glad you're finding means to get online a little.. I was worried about your sanity if you didn't.

LT said...

That looks so good! We are huge boil fans, one of our favorite restaurants does a decent job for being in Colorado. I love how thrilled Rob looks about you taking all the pictures! Thanks for the post!

blueviolet said...

I'm so glad you showed all those photos. I had no idea! Mind you, I wouldn't eat any of it (no seafood for me) but it sure looks pretty!

Martha in PA said...

"Hosing down the crawfish to keep them happy and to rinse them off:"

Sure, keep the poor little crawfish happy until you EXECUTE them..... they never knew what hit 'em!

kyooty said...

The lst time I saw a crawfish I was disecting him for highschool biology. ICK! how do you ever "eat" somethign that small, bring me a REAL Lobster!!! :)

Anne said...

Oh my yummy! That looks amazing. I hope you enjoyed it.