June 12, 2009

Spinning up some Summertime Fun

Ahhh, Summertime! Most often when I hear the word 'Summertime', it makes me think of this song by Kenny Chesney:


This summer our plans include continuing to work like maniacs out in the yard and do various things to the house - like painting the Summer House and Barn to match the outstanding job the painters did painting our house summer-before-last, and painting some of the rooms inside that I've been wanting to get done. In addition to that, in just 13 days we head out on our annual road trip to visit our friends in Louisiana for the 4th of July.

Princess Nagger loves road trips - and I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised at how well she travels. I bought a portable DVD player for her to enjoy watching her shows on, and she watched endless loops of Dora the Explorer as well as some of her favorite cartoons the first time we went down there about 4 years ago. All the subsequent trips, however, she has refused to even have the DVD turned on - she prefers to watch the world go by as we drive. As long as she's happy, I'm happy.

We usually don't have our time planned out for while we're there, we adopt the 'vacation mentality' that we're on vacation, it's the perfect time to kick back and relax. Besides, the friends we'll be staying with don't have any sort of internet connection, so while I will be going through some major withdrawals, I'm sure we'll be kept plenty busy with the Princess Nagger and their three kids. Not to mention staying up to all hours drinking Rum'n'Coke and getting rowdy playing games.

We might, however, pay a return visit to the Alligator Farm like we did last year, because the kids seemed to really enjoy the time there.
Of course we'll follow the rules as noted here:
We do plan to head into New Orleans a couple of times while we're there - we were there the December before Hurricane Katrina and didn't make it down there on our subsequent trips. It would be nice to have a more recent photo op:
That was December 2004 - our first trip down, when PN had just turned 2. We went down for Christmas that year, and it was the first year they actually got a dusting of snow on Christmas Day...of course they blamed us for bringing it with us from PA! ;)

We're also debating on going to the Aquarium (which is PN's first choice), the Zoo, or the new Insect Museum...
...where you have the option of eating a chocolate covered cricket at the end of the tour if you so desire...Um....ewwwwww! Don't think that's going to be in my future thankyouverymuch.

There will, of course, be some of this:
And it's guaranteed there will be hours of this going on:
And hopefully there won't be a repeat of this:

Our friends own about 4 acres of beautiful property and have been working hard clearing out a section for the awesome house they'll be building - after 3 years of hard work, they're thisclose to starting the building. They already have a spot clear and level, with the foundation pad put in so they can get started. If they're all set up for it this year, we might be spending a bit of time helping them with the framing of it. Each year we go down there things look a bit different - they have built two shops thus far, one they've converted into a guest house which is where we'll be staying in supreme comfort, the other is the cabinet shop for our friend's business that has taken off like crazy since they moved down there in 2004.

Of course it takes a week or so to recover once we drive the 18 hours home, but since we'll be gone for 13 days, it will be nice to come home and relax in our own abode. We're taking the dogs with us - Elvis has made the trip twice, this will be the first road trip for Travis, so hopefully he'll travel like a champ.

Later in the summer I have Princess Nagger signed up for one week of Summer Camp - where she'll get to swim every day for a week and have some fun at some of the local tourist spots as part of the 'adventure' the Community Center has planned. It will be great fun for her and she'll be able to have a week of playing with other kids her own age so she won't be lamenting the fact that she's an only child and there aren't any kids her age in our immediate vicinity. I'm guessing if we don't get a pool by then, she'll be nagging endlessly after getting to enjoy a pool for the whole week. That way she enjoy more days like this:
So that's what's happening in our neck of the woods this summer - how about you? Any fun or special plans or trips you are looking forward to this summer? Or are you simply going to enjoy the summer months as they come?

This special Summertime Edition was brought to you by the Spin Cycle...Want to read some excellent spins? Jen over at Sprite's Keeper is the keeper of the spins... hope on over there to read some greatness!

27 Random Sassy Comments:

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

It sounds like a fun-packed summer..
Have an awesome summer!

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Im so jealous! Have fun!

Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish said...

Oh I so want to go to Louisiana!! That looks like heaven in the summer time with all the fun.

Sprite's Keeper said...

You have such an exciting summer ahead of you! I'm jealous! You're linked!

Kekibird said...

Wow, such great plans for the summer. Wish my little guy was better at traveling but he's still little.

I have an award for you over at my blog. Check out my post about it. Congrats!

Kelly said...

Um, I didn't know, I always put my children on the snake pit. I thought it was the cool thing to do.

Looks like a great summer so far!! Have fun.

Lizzie said...

i hope you have a super fun time!!!!

Grant said...

You can't toss children into the snake pit? What kind of lousy rule is that? I'll just stay at home, thank you.

Jenni Jiggety said...

You have some FUN plans! I have always wanted to go to New Orleans!

Laufa said...

Hope you have a wonderful vacation, looks like it will be beautiful where you're going. Take a vacation journal, so you can remember what you did while you are gone and add it to the bazillion pictures I'm sure you will take. Happy Summer!

Robin said...

Sounds like you guys have a great summer coming up - perfect for sharing on Summer Stock Sunday - I'd love to travel along to Louisiana vicariously with you :).

Jaime said...

SERIOUSLY? they needed a sign to tell people not to put their kids on the snake pit???? what kind of crazy screwed up parents did that?

Yaya said...

Oh it all sounds so fun!!

Josh and I were married on the 4th of July!

When I go mini golfing I like to make up different things for each hole just to keep it entertaining...otherwise I get bored. For example, play one whole hole on just one leg. Or play one whole hole with your eyes shut. Or play one whole hole using a french accent. The possibilities are endless!

Casey said...

OMG, don't put children on snake pit? What the hell? I guess some people really do need a reminder not to be morons. Your summer plans are waaaaaaaaaay more exciting than ours.

kyooty said...

Many things that need comments.
WHY are people blowing up firecrackers on faces,
EWWW! chocolate on stuff,
EWWWWW! crocs that aren't shoes.

And is it a day camp?

Cascia said...

Sounds like you have a busy summer planned. Ours isn't going to be as busy. Well, except for welcoming the new baby in about six to eight weeks from now we are not planning much this summer. Enjoy your trip and have a wonderful weekend!

otin said...

I feel like I just went on a virtual vacation! Have Fun! Don't do anyone that I wouldn't do! (oops, I meant anything! LOL!) I am so bad! haha!

Stacie said...

Your trip sounds like it's going to be fun. Not really sure what we have planned as it's pretty spur of the moment.

Mrs Zeee said...

Sounds like you have a really fun summer planned. Have fun at the gator farm -- so cool!
Keep the updates coming!

Martha in PA said...

Sounds like fun! I don't know if I could "pull the plug" for quite so long. I hope we can find time to go on a quiet relaxing get away, but with Tara... that's almost impossible! We explored a little piece of Phila yesterday, I hope to make it a frequent activity this summer! I'm hoping for a weekend in Ocean City, NJ too.

Ali said...

Looks like a great time will be had, I hope you have a blast! And I have eaten a chocolate covered cricket AND a choc. covered mealworm. The worm was alright, but the cricket was really crunchy and kinda "stayed" with me....I did it at a church camp I was counselor at, we had a kind of "fear factor" competition, I did it for the kids! =)

Becca said...

New Orleans is great. I've been there a few times but would definitely go back :)

Jennifer R said...

Can I please come on your family vacation??? Maybe I can fly and meet you there - traveling with kids that long? Ummm not so much LOL.

I would not eat the chocolate crickets either (blech).

We are taking a short trip to Santa Cruz - to the boardwalk and beach - it will be fun!

Have a wonderful and safe trip!

Mrsbear said...

Sounds like you have a great summer planned. We took a road trip to TN in Spring of 08 and I'm not planning to revisit it any time soon. It took us about 16 hours over two days to get up there, ditto coming down. It certainly made me appreciate my bed more though. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed.

pehpot said...

wow.. really exciting things ahead of you. we're done with summer on this part of the world, and we really enjoyed our summer this year :)

Hope you'll have a great time!

Make or Break

Tina said...

thats looks like a lovely day out. makes me want to plan stuff to do now lol

lisleman said...

I tried reading through the painting part quickly. That's work.

DVD player - you know back when I was a youngster and had ride on the bumper, it tough just breathing with the dirt and exhaust.

I think it's much better to "watch the world go by". You need to play those fun road games with her.

chocolate covered cricket - I'm sure they are fried until nothing is left. I ate insects while riding the bumper back in the day. They are probably just like the chocolate crunch candy bar. If you do go send me some.

Do crocs brush their teeth? Probably awful breath.