June 5, 2009

Virtual Girl's Night Out - Smelling the Roses Edition

It's Friday and it's Time to Party!! The lovely Ann from 'Ann Again and Again' is the hostess with the mostest with her weekly Virtual Girls Night Out - Come join the fun (boys are welcome, too)! There's great music and drinks, fun party games, and since Mr. Linky has been on the fritz, be sure to add your link to the comments section so everyone can pay you a visit! Ann knows how to throw a great party! :)

Welcome to my little corner of the world - I won't be around this evening, we're actually going out to dinner to celebrate a belated Mother's Day, early Father's Day and to celebrate the Princess Nagger's exciting graduation from Kindergarten. But please, make yourselves at home, I've left you some treats to enjoy and if it's not too late when we get home, I'll stop by...otherwise, I'll be by in the morning with brunch or virtual hangover remedies for all the partying that will be going on tonight! :)

How about some music? Remember Aqua with their 'I'm a Barbie Girl' song? No? Well here's an interesting song called 'Roses are Red' - I thought it quite appropriate since this is the 'Smelling the Roses Edition' of the VGNO:

Time For A Cocktail!

The drink of the night is Coming Up Roses - Ann has the recipe posted and I've made one special just for you:
What's a party without some yummy food?

How about some Herb Crab Salad:
Or maybe some Smoked Salmon Stuffed Eggs:
Or how about some Lemon Watermelon Bites:
And for the Salad Lovers out there, a Sweet and Tart Salad:
Oh, and of course we need something chocolate...how about a Chocolate Cherry Stacked Cake:

Ann Has a Question!

"Do you have a favorite flower?"

I actually have several favorites - my absolute favorite is the Calla Lily - I think they're so elegant and sleek. But I also love tulips in the spring, and roses anytime...so really, I'm not all that hard to please! ;)

You have got to check out Ann's rose she has posted - it's huge!!

And Look! Tonight Ann's having a Giveaway!

Directly from Ann's Blog:

"Our cool friend Erin from Fancy Fortune Cookies is giving one lucky VGNO guest a $50 gift certificate to spend at either site Fancy Fortune Cookies.com or Giant Fortune Cookies.com. Wow! You can include a personalized message for your fortune cookie. One giant cookie weighs over 1 lb! Here's what you need to do to enter this great contest..."

Go over to Ann's and find out what you need to do to enter - you won't be sorry! ;)

Hop on over to Ann's to join the Virtual GNO and check out all the other cool bloggers participating in this very special event. Anyone can join in the fun... Be sure to leave your link so others can visit you - go blog-hopping! And most importantly, Have Fun! Well? What are you waiting for? :)


19 Random Sassy Comments:

robin said...

Oh, that cherry chocolate cake looks DELISH!
Happy GNO!

Lizzie said...

herb crab salad! YUMMY! i want that :) hope you and your family have a wonderful evening!

Elizabeth said...

Pass me some cake, please! Happy VGNO!

Mary K Brennan said...

Enjoy your night out. Happy belated Mother's Day. Congrats to your daughter on graduating Kindergarten.
Have a great VGNO!

Mandala Michelle said...

I'm skipping the salad and going straight to the cake and drink. Happy VGNO!

Lola said...

Stopping by for VGNO!

Have a great weekend.


otin said...

Just give me the cake and the cocktail and you women can go have fun, I'll get drunk, eat my cake and watch the Yankees game lol!

Over The Top Aprons said...

I would go for the herb crab salad ... yum!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I'll take just a couple Lemon Watermelon Bites, cause I'm saving room for some yummy chocolate cake! Hope you're off having a great time tonight. Have a great weekend!

Rosie said...

Happy VGNO! Now I'm hungry from looking at all those delicious pictures!

Casey said...

So do you actually make all this stuff for VGNO or what? I'm hungry.

Ali said...

Oh wow that food looks so good, as always! Hope you had a great time at dinner, congrats to PN! Happy VGNO =)

Mrsbear said...

I love tulips, but I also love the way gardenias smell. We tried planting one but it died a horrible death in our front yard, so much for sweet smells. Send over some chocolate cake would ya? And some crab salad. And that pretty flower drink. ;)

Banteringblonde said...

that cake looks yummylicious! My favorite flowers are... hmmm so many to choose from. I like the Dahlia but there is a specific lilly that i love because of the way it smells!

Yaya said...

Happy late VGNO! Thanks for the food! Hope you had a nice night out!

Justine said...

Okay, so where'd ya go for dinner? I like getting all the details, like what you ate and such.
Wow, PN is now an official big girl, going into 1st grade! How exciting!

Justine :o )

Just_Aimee said...

Stopping by for a Saturday morning VGNO! That cake looks amazing.

Anissa said...

That cake and that drink look awesome! TFS

kyooty said...

I've never heard this song before, the video is a riot! I didn't get back to my Blog Friday night to participate I was busy with wiggly eyes. LOL I can'tw ait for that salad recipe? monday right??? :)