July 21, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Puppy Déjà vu


What? It's Tuesday again? How'd that happen? Good thing Keely has deemed Tuesday's 'All Random, All the Time' so I can breath easier. Thanks for the oxygen, Keely!

This is the time of year where I start getting geared up for more wine making rounds. The batches that have been aging from last year are approaching their bottling stage, and the fresh fruits that are starting to ripen are beckoning to be turned into wine. This is also the time of year I place orders to various wine-making locations on the internet to replenish my stock of wine yeast, sanitizers, new bottles, corks and various other sundries, as well as add more items to my wine supply stash to make the wine making process a bit more 'user friendly'. Like extra carboys and airlocks. So I can have more varying batches fermenting and aging all at once. I'm expanding my horizons.

This morning I get to subject myself to the 'hurry up and wait' mode at the doctor's office so she can confirm that I was right to have her call in the prescription of antibiotics 12 days ago. I was right. And my sinus infection has mostly left, just a little bit of a lingering cough that can be annoying. But still, I was right.

Apparently I used up all my Random Thoughts yesterday. Because as I sit here, I've got nothin'.

Thanks to those that offered their advice between the Nikon D5000 and the Canon T1i... I've decided to go with the Nikon, but now I've been having trouble deciding between the D5000 and the D90. Hubby keeps asking me if I've placed my order yet...he seems more anxious than I am to pull the trigger and place the order.

Speaking of the hubby, he's decided we need another puppy. Ahem. He's been talking about getting another Sheltie ever since we picked up Travis in January. He wants a Sable one. He's apparently feeling left out - Travis follows me and Princess Nagger around constantly, and Elvis is 'my' dog...so he wants a dog of his own. Of course the new puppy will be picked up about a week before the Princess Nagger starts school. Who do you think he'll follow around like a shadow? I'll give you a hint...the person who will be here all. the. time. And will be the one cleaning up after him and feeding him. Give up? Me. So yeah, hubby wants another puppy, but I'll be the one doing all the work. And I'll be acquiring an additional shadow I'll have to try not to step on. But of course this face makes it a little easier:
But only slightly. That's the puppy we'll be picking up in mid August when he's old enough. Stay tuned.

Did you know that Daydreams and Déjà vu are the same thing? Apparently so. Princess Nagger and I were taking turns reading a bedtime story Sunday night - it was her turn to read, and when she turned the page at one point, she said:

PN: "Whoa...I think I've seen this page before."

Me: "What do you mean? It's not like it's the first time you've read this book..."

PN: "No, I mean I daydreamed about this part before."

Me: "You mean like Déjà vu?"

PN: "No, Mama! Wait - what's Déjà vu?!!"

Me: "Like when it feels as though an event has already happened or has happened in the near past...like you've been here or seen this before. That's
Déjà vu."

PN (wrinkling her nose and rolling her eyes): "No, it's not
Déjà vu, it's a Daydream!"

Me: "Oh but it is
Déjà vu - that's what it means..."

PN: "I know! We can call it Daydream
jà vu! I think that sounds better!"

Me (laughing) "That's a great idea! We'll just call it Daydream jà vu...that'll work!"

PN: "Now I forgot where I was reading..."

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28 Random Sassy Comments:

Reddirt Woman said...

Don't you love those wonderful conversations with the P.N. Children so often have such an unusual view of life. Thank God for their innocence. That pup is cute as a button. Maybe you can get him potty trained before the new one gets brought home and can help to train the youngster. That's what my schnauzer did. It mostly worked but she did need a little input from mom to seal the deal.

Thanks for stopping by at my little corner of the blogsphere.

I hope to see you again.


Tami said...

I LOVE PUPPIES! He's adorable. Does hubby have any clue at all he will be YOUR dog and not his? heh heh

Men.. sheesh.

Ashley said...

I just found your blog from my friend Rachel's. Your blog is really cute!!! That is an adorable puppy!!!
Come by my blog to enter some fun giveaways! There are a few of them, and not many people have entered yet, so your chances of winning are really good!

Yaya said...

daydream ja vu, lol!

I can't believe you are getting another puppy! Lucky!!!!

otin said...

George Carlin used to say that he had "VuJa Day", the feeling that none of this has ever happened before! How do you find time to blog, with all the wine making?

Missy said...

OMG, I totally want one of those puppies. They are dangerous in their cuteness, aren't they?

I am Harriet said...

whaaaa whaaa....I want a puppy.... ;(

Queenie Jeannie said...

Loved your "randomness"!!! Good luck with the new puppy next month!!

Hit 40 said...

We have 2 cats. I love watching them play together. Hopefully, the dogs will keep each other company too.

And I couldn't agree more... if you are feeding them and cleaning up after both days, the doggies will be your best friend. Very funny that he thinks the new dog will be his.

Mother Mayhem said...

What a sweet, hairy face! Your husband does realize that this will also be your dog right? LOL

Casey said...

Oh man, another puppy! I'd lecture you on having too many pets but he's cute.

Good luck at the dr, I hope she doesn't make you wait 90 minutes like Graham's ENT did last week. Grr.

Kelly said...

What an adorable puppy!

I love the Daydream jà vu! So cute!

Trudy said...

Adorable puppy...I would love to have them following me around!

I love the new word "daydream ja vu"! Wonderful...looks like you have quite the creative little girl on your hands there!

kyooty said...

what an adorable puppy, they poo! (I have to tell myself this). I have friends in NS that breed Shelties.
the daydream ja vu sounds perfect!

Mommy Jamie said...

Aw, sweet little puppy! How could you say no to that face?
Love the conversation with your Princess Nagger, that is just too cute!
Followed you over to UnMom and jumped on the Random Tuesday ship!

Firefly@www.firefly-shop.org said...

PN is totally awesome all the time :)

new puppy is soooo cute :) we should get one too...

3 Bay B Chicks said...


A new puppy?

For the husband?


Just sayin'... :)


ck said...

Congrats on YOUR new puppy! My husband wanted a dog and a cat, and like you, they became mine. Though to be honest, if he brought home a photograph of that adorable puppy, I don't think I could say no.

Just Breathe said...

I could not figure out how to spell DeJa vu the other day, thanks for that. The puppy is so cute. Congratulations!

Keely said...

Awwwwww....the puppy smooshy puppy face!

Dogs like company, too :)

Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh my heavens. I was following along just nicely until you surprised me with that photo. How is it possible to upload that much cuteness without the Internet imploding? Although it does explain why it took so long to load your page today.

Julie@Momspective said...

OMG I want to put that puppy in my pocket! Ah!

Medora said...

How adorable! Good luck - there's a reason why I don't have dogs. Cats don't have to be trained - one visit to the litter box is all it takes. That cute face, though, is tempting!

Martha in PA said...

The puppy is adorable, but have you lost your mind? Just kidding! Tara was always upset that our dogs were "my" dogs... like you said, I did all the work. Some how, by practically ignoring the little guy, one cat (the one we kept of course) is attached to Tara... he was born in her bed, but if I pay too much attention to him, she gets upset!

Anne said...

You are a much braver woman than I. I dont think I could face a puppy. It might be easier once PN goes back to school. Only one creature to take care of all day :).

Frogs in my formula said...

Do you really make wine? That is so freaken cool.

Cute pup. I can't even get hubs to agree to one :(

blueviolet said...

That dog will be hubby's dog in name only. In reality, it will be every bit of yours.

I love the new words and phrases PN comes up with!

Megan said...

You wine making sounds fun!

The puppy is too cute for words!

And I seriously LOVE yours and PN's conversations.